Organic Battery Days 2024The 7th Organic Battery Days Meeting


Organic Battery Days 2024

Program at a glance
Oral Presentation Sessions
Session 1
Organic electro-active materials for metal-ion, dual-ion, RFBs, etc.
Lead Organizer: Hye Ryung Byon (KAIST) / Sechan Lee (KIER)
Session 2
Polymer-based electrolytes for solid-state batteries
Lead Organizer: U Hyeok Choi (Inha Univ.)
Session 3
Li-metal anodes and interface engineering using organic materials and/or for organic batteries
Lead Organizer: Yong Min Lee (Yonsei Univ.) / Hongkyung Lee (DGIST)
Session 4
Advanced analysis techniques / Theoretical calcuations and simulations for organic materials in batteries
Lead Organizer: Jongwoo Lim (Seoul Nat'l Univ.) / Jihyun Hong (KIST)
Session 5
Polymer binders and separators for next-generation batteries
Lead organizer: Jimin Shim (Seoul Nat'l Univ.)
Types of Presentations
Poster Presentation Session
Poster Presentation Time Poster Location To prepare your poster, please refer to the instructions and poster numbers available for download below.
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