Organic Battery Days 2024The 7th Organic Battery Days Meeting


Organic Battery Days 2024

Dear OBD Families,

It is our pleasure to extend a warm welcome to the 7th Organic Battery Days at the SungKyunKwan University on June 19-21, 2024. With the aim of leading the field of organic batteries, we've come together again in Korea this year, following our journey from Uppsala, Sweden in 2017, through China, Germany, Japan, the United States, and Spain. With the pleasure of hosting the inaugural Organic Battery Days conference in Korea, we are more than welcoming you.

Organic Battery Days objects to inspire researchers interested in the field of organic materials for energy storage applications, to exchange knowledge and experiences regarding the recent trend, and to promote communication and collaboration among experts involved in academic organizations, research institutions, and manufacturing companies. The topic of this conference covers the design and synthesis of organic electroactive materials, organic and polymeric electrolytes and binders, interface on metal anode, theoretical calculations, and advanced analysis technologies for rechargeable batteries and beyond.

We look forward that all researchers attending the OBD2024 will succeed in their contributions to the field of organic batteries, while also aspiring for Organic Battery Days to evolve into an international leading platform for research exchange in the organic battery field. We extend our gratitude to all of your efforts that have contributed to the successful organization of this conference. Finally, I hope that all colleagues visiting Korea for the OBD2024 will have the opportunity to create meaningful memories from their experiences in this country.

It is grateful for the contributions of graduate students and young professionals who generously volunteered their time and talent in preparing for this conference, along with the support and interest shown by sponsoring companies and organizations towards OBD2024.

Ho Seok Park & Ji Eon Kwon
OBD2024 Chairs

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